The skeletal workshop was amazing and I can honestly state life altering. I learned so much from the material and personally went through a lot of release. I have been able to understand patterns and see them for what they are and how I hold them in my bones. I feel that my whole structure, the foundation of what I have been from birth to now, is totally transforming and trying to reorient itself to a new structure. I am completely evaluating my life in another way. [The teachers] possess such amazing intuitiveness, strengths, ability to hold and contain, and knowledge that I feel should be shared with everyone. [They] have found a deep place in my heart that will be an un-exhausting resource for continued growth on my journey.
— Shannon Gaul, Director Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation, Lane Community College, OR

My practice, study, and understanding of BodyMind Movement with Mark Taylor and others has deepened my practice as a developmental optometrist and deepened my life experience in general. The body of work and the way it is presented is like no other training I have ever experienced. Nothing is static. Even the classical classroom work is taught in a comfortable, nurturing group setting. The hands on partnering work is done with sensitivity. All somatic, sensory and motor systems of the individual are explored. One learns to truly appreciate and become a whole human being. I highly recommend The Somatic Movement Educator Program for those in any stage of life!
— Elisa Beck, Developmental Optometrist, PA

This work has taught me that there are many different ways of learning and experiencing ourselves in the world. Through incorporating an awareness of the body systems, we are able to develop a more complete understanding of our learning patterns. The techniques I learned through the Center for BodyMindMovement have enabled me to assist my clients in bringing about a deeper awareness of the relationships between the body, mind, and emotions, offering them new possibilities of self-organization.
— Mariana Camarote, Psychotherapist and Bodyworker, Brazil

Mark and the SME program create an environment for embodied learning, to re-pattern the way one thinks, perceives and processes information. It is a simple, powerful and radical idea, the idea of the experiential approach to knowledge sharing, an approach that consciously honors all the human capacities for learning and creativity and does not attempt to colonize or divide ideas into intellectual or physiological pursuits. I feel lucky to have an opportunity to learn and live this information. I hope that the work continues to have wider recognition, be applied to more diverse fields.
— Grisha Coleman, Asst. Professor, Movement & Dance, Arizona State College, AZ