Our beings are shaped by our anatomy and how we move. Somatic movement supports transformation on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels: it is defined as motion that focuses on internal subjective experience—attuning to sensation and satisfaction—rather than the external appearance or result of the movement.


Founded in 2006, the Center for BodyMindMovement is directed by Mark C. Taylor. As an Approved Training of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, it provides 500-hour certification trainings in somatic movement education. Initially founded in Pittsburgh, PA, the training has expanded to sites in Oregon; Mexico City and Malinalco, Mexico; and São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife, Brazil. His collaborators have included Mary Lou Seereiter, Ray Elliot Schwartz, Lou Sturm, Ivana Sejenovich, and Diana Sánchez. Mariana Camarote directs Nucleo Pulso in Brazil, and Julia Menendez directs BodyMindMovement México.

Each class is an invitation to research the uncharted territory of internal sensory experience whether the class material is based in developmental movement, a particular body system, regional anatomy, cellular awareness or a specific application such as dance or yoga. Most classes will have a cognitive structure, an experiential arc and several layers of information presented, and will take into account both the simplicity of direct experience and the infinite complexity of the human organism.


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