Embodied Movement

Pittsburgh Workshops with Mark Taylor 2018


Learn about yourself from the perspective of your lived experience! Enhancing your self-awareness through mindful movement and embodied anatomy creates the potential for change and healing in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The workshops are appropriate for students and teachers of movement, meditation, dance, yoga, and martial arts; therapists; and anyone working with transformation of mind and body.

$60 per workshop
$150 for all three events

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Saturday July 7
1 – 5 pm

Ocean Motion: The Prevertebrate Patterns

Return to the ocean by embodying the fluid-based movement patterns that originate in utero. Renewing those patterns in your adult body allows you to move with ease, organize breath and fluids within your body, and bring health to parts of your body that have suffered compression, discomfort, or limitation. Psychologically, the patterns (cellular respiration, sponging, pulsation, navel radiation, digestive wave, and prespinal) form the basis for secure attachment, relational ease, and the ability to self-soothe. The workshop will also address the physiology and practice of healing touch. Purchase Event


Saturday August 11
1- 5 pm

Embodying the Fascial Web

Mark Taylor and guest presenter David Lesondak, author of Fascia: what it is and why it matters

Current research is catching up to the experiential knowledge that the body’s fascia is a sentient organ, responsible for movement, fluid dynamics, and communication throughout the body. We will review current research and science of the field; explore embodying our fascia through movement; and learn techniques of touch and fascial mobilization. Purchase Event


Saturday October 6
1 – 5 pm

The Art of Breathing

Breath is the bridge between the body and the mind: by deeply observing breath you can understand how your mind affects your body and how your body’s movement affects your mind. By working with detailed anatomical information and movement awareness, you will embody your lungs, ribs, muscles, voice, and other structures associated with the process of breathing. This body awareness reduces postural restrictions and increases ease of motion, which in turn invites freedom in your mind and spirit. Purchase Event


PearlArts Studios
201 Braddock Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

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